Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation, also called Degree Audit, is a powerful tool in WebAdvisor used for planning your courses. You can view your degree requirements, completed courses, and the courses you still need to take. You can even explore other programs and see how your completed coursework will apply to a different degree.

Note:  The degree audit is not your official academic record. Go to WebAdvisor to access your unofficial transcript, or Request an Official Transcript.

Accessing Program Evaluation

  1. Log in to WebAdvisor
  2. Select “Current Students”
  3. Choose “Program Evaluation” under the Academic Planning section
  4. Select the active program to evaluate and click “Submit”

Note:  Only approved programs are listed. Program Evaluation is not available for the Associate in General Education or General Occupational Technology programs.

Exploring Other Programs

  1. Within Program Evaluation, select a program from the “What if I changed my program of study?” drop-down menu.
  2. Select to include “A-All (includes planned)”
  3. Select the current catalog year

Changing Your Program of Study

If you wish to change your program of study, fill out a Program Change Request Form.

Incorrect Information

If your program of study or records are incorrect, contact an Admissions Counselor at or (910) 678-9843.