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Spring Charging will run from January 7th - January 20th 2015  




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Book Buyback will return on 02/02/2015! At this time we are no longer accepting buyback.


 FTCC Campus Bookstore is located in the General Classroom Building (GCB) 104

Bookstore Hours

January 2015


Bookstore hours vary during registration to accommodate students.  Registration calendar


Rent your books at the FTCC Bookstore.  
In Store Textbook Rentals start January 5th to January 29th!


How it Works


1. You must have a valid credit card (even if paying with financial aid), student ID, and e-mail address!

2. Shop in the bookstore during the announced dates. Dates: January 5, 2015 - January 29, 2015.

3. Find the book you need in the bookstore & the shelf tag will let you know if the book is available for rent.

4. Take the book to the cash register and the cashier will ask you if you want to rent the book or buy it.

5. If you choose to rent the book, the cashier will scan your student ID and enter your e-mail address.

6. Your credit card will be swiped but NO CHARGE WILL BE POSTED TO YOUR ACCOUNT. *The card is used as collateral in the event that the book is not returned.

7. You pay for your rental and any other merchandise by the method you choose, Cash, Financial Aid, etc.

8. You sign the rental agreement receipt and you are given a copy of the receipt along with the rental agreement.

9. Return your rentals to the bookstore at the end of the semester. *Rentals are due the day after the last day of classes for each semester. Spring 2015 Deadline: May 14th



*You will receive e-mail reminders as the deadline approaches. * Rentals not returned by the deadline will be considered purchased and the difference between the rental amount paid and the retail price of the book will be collected via credit card or other means. 



Cash for Books 


Textbook prices and information are available by visiting our website at www.faytech.bkstr.com  


When ordering books online, visit our Online Bookstore which is a secure site.  

Do not e-mail credit cards information to FTCC's bookstore, as this is not a secure site. For your safety, orders through email will not be accepted.

Visit our Online Bookstore here!


FTCC Uniform Ordering



Bookstore Refund Policy:

  1. The original cash register receipt is required for ALL refunds and exchanges. 
  2. Students are allowed (10) calendar days beginning with the first day of class to return textbooks for a refund or credit.
  3. Textbooks may be accepted for 100% refund or credit only if they have not been used, damaged, or marked in. 
  4. Textbooks and textbook packages containing access codes or CD’s are not returnable if the CD or access code has been opened.      
  5.  No cash refunds will be given. Visit http://www.faytechcc.edu/business_finance/new-refund-process.aspx for refund information on purchases made via cash, check, or financial aid. Credit and debit purchases will be credited to the card used to purchase items. 
  6. Clothing and gift items which are in new condition may be exchanged only.



Questions?  Email us at bookstore@faytechcc.edu or call us at 910-678-8342

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