Thank you for your interest in Fayetteville Technical Community College! As a prospective student, you probably have many questions. We can help you explore your options and get you started. If you have already selected a program, please click one of the left-menu options to get started.

First, choose whether you wish to complete Curriculum Classes or Continuing-Education Classes. These are the two fundamental branches of courses at FTCC. The following is a description of each branch:



Continuing Education

Curriculum classes bear credit and count towards degrees, diplomas, and certificates. These classes can be used to complete a degree at FTCC or any other college/university that accepts classes from FTCC (including the institutions of the University of North Carolina system). Accordingly, if you wish to earn credit towards a degree, diploma, or certificate, then you should take curriculum classes.

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If you wish to take classes for professional development (e.g., Basic Law Enforcement Training and Emergency Medical Technician); to take human-resources development (HRD) classes; to take Basic Skills classes (e.g., GED, adult high-school diploma, or compensatory education); or, to take personal-enrichment classes (e.g., guitar lessons and basic photography), then you should pursue continuing-education classes.

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