Plant Operations

Mission Statement – To provide professional and courteous services that meet the needs of students, visitors, and employees; to assure proper management of college funds, equipment, supplies and facilities, and to support lifelong learning for each student.

The Plant Operations Department provides services including building maintenance and repair, facility renovations, grounds keeping and housekeeping. Our department enhances the quality of physical resources at Fayetteville Tech by providing services in a sage, timely, and cost effective manner.

If you are having cooling or heating problems in your office or classroom, contact Plant Operations at 910-678-8228 or 910-678-8288 for assistance.

Please do not open windows or outside doors because it disrupts the balance of the HVAC system for the entire building. When the outside temperature and humidity are greater than inside the building, opening doors or windows may actually make the building hotter.

Campus Mail

Campus mail is picked up from U.S. Post Office each morning, sorted in the Lafayette Hall Mail Room (110), and distributed to College mail rooms across multiple campus sites. There are two (2) mail runs per day on campus, and one (1) off campus.

Note: FTCC mail services are for official use only. Personal items, packages, or bills are not to be sent to the College PO box.

Outgoing Mail

Outgoing mail is taken to the Post Office between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. each day. First class mail will be postmarked and taken to the post office for same-day mailing. Bulk mailing or special mailing may take up to three (3) days.

FedEx Packages

Packages must be brought to the mail room by 3:00 p.m. to be shipped by FedEx that day. Since FedEx does not pick up daily, you must let mail room staff know in advance if you have a package that needs to be shipped. FedEx only picks up and delivers items to the Lafayette Hall Mail Room.

Information Needed

– Recipient’s Name
– Street Address – No PO Boxes will be accepted
– Zip Code
– Recipient Phone Number

All FedEx overnight packages are delivered by 10:30 a.m. the next day.

UPS Packages

All outgoing UPS mailings are processed at the Warehouse. You may contact them by calling Ext. 88290 or 86298.

FTCC has a room numbering and titling system with certain standards that must be observed. To request a new or changed door sign, please create a work order through WebAdvisor. If you have moved then you will not have to request the change, it will be noted on the F-11. In certain cases, approval may be required.

Required Information

– Room Number
– Building Name
– Information Required on Sign

Please allow two to three working days for installation of door signs.

Note: Message clips are provided below door signs for posting information to students. All signage installed is to the specifications of the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

Office Moves

All office moving requests that involve telephone, computer equipment, and/or key changes must be on an F-11 form and approved by your supervisor and signed off by all departments, including Senior Vice Presidents.

Once a request is approved, a work order will be created and submitted via email, you will be assigned a Work Order Number. Please allow up to four (4) weeks to complete the requested move. It is also noted on the bottom of the form.

All small office or FTCC items must be boxed and labeled prior to the move to ensure they are delivered to the appropriate location. Please be reminded that the Housekeeping Department is not responsible for moving any personal items: personal pictures, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, plants, etc. or equipment that does not belong to Fayetteville Technical Community College.


Changes to Classroom Furnishings

All classroom furnishing changes (adding or deleting desks) must be approved by Karen Williams, Curriculum Data Management Technician.

**Do not put or leave any furnishings in the hallways; as this may be in violation of safety and fire codes.**

Paper Recycling Bins in Office


– White Copier Paper/Office Paper
– White Computer Paper
– White Notebook Paper
– White Ledger Paper
– White Index Cards
– Colored Paper (non-glossy)
– Carbonless Paper (such as purchase order forms)


– Envelopes w/wo windows, Inter-office envelopes, Glossy paper, Newspaper or Magazines, Paperback Books, Cardboard (Recycle these items in the mixed paper recycle bin located in the hallway)
– Wax Coated Paper
– Hardback Books
– Paper Towels or Tissue
– Tape, Glue or Rubberbands
– Paperclips or Staples
– Strings or Ties
– Address Labels or Stickers
– Copy Paper Wrapper (the wrapper around copier paper)

Mixed Paper Container – Acceptable

– Magazines & Catalogs
– Newspapers & Inserts
– Phone Books
– Paperback Books
– Mail With or Without Windows
– Shredded Paper
– Cereal Boxes, Cracker Boxes, Pasta Boxes, Cake Mix Boxes
– Boxes from Toothpaste, Medications & Other Toiletries

Bottles & Can Containers – Acceptable

– Aluminum Cans & Foil
– Plastic bottles, Including: Soda Bottles, Milk & Water Jugs, & Laundry Product Containers

Cannot Recycle – Unacceptable

– Boxes Soiled w/ Food
– Paper Towels or Napkins
– Cups or Plates
– Pizza Boxes
– Milk/Juice Cartons
– Plastic Forks/Spoons
– Plastic Food Tubs
– Plastic Grocery/Shopping Bags
– Plastic Wrap
– Foam Cups/Plates
– Glass
– Ceramics
– Rubber Bands
– Staples
– Paper Clips

The following rooms can be scheduled through the Plant Operations Office:

– Board Room in the Tony Rand Student Center
– Multi-Purpose Room in the Tony Rand Student Center
– Cumberland Hall Auditorium
– Fayetteville Rose Garden
– Student Terrace

Schedule a Room

Please submit an email request to Denise Kinnison and include the room needed, date, time and function.

Other Available Rooms & Scheduling Contacts

– ATC Conference Room 219 – Mae Rogers
– Center for Business & Industry – Ethel Locklear
– Cumberland Hall Conference Room 373 – Sarah Camacho
– Curriculum Classrooms – Karen Williams
– HTC Conference Room 146 – Kimi Rogers
– Horace Sisk Conference Room – Georgia Burden
– Horace Sisk Gym – Karen Williams
– Spring Lake Campus – Monique Parker
– VCC Decision Support Center 212 – Lorraine Williams
– Virtual College Center Conference Room – Lorraine Williams


Please do not remove tables or chairs from classrooms. Classrooms are set up for the classes scheduled in each room. When tables and chairs are removed, then there are not enough seats for students.

If you need additional tables or chairs please put a Work Order in through WebAdvisor or contact Plant Operations at ext. 88228.

Approved Drivers

Only approved drivers are allowed to drive FTCC vehicles. All drivers must have a yearly license check completed by Moneak Perrington in the Paralegal Office in the Thomas R. McLean Administration Building.  A blanket travel form must also be filled out and approved by your supervisor.

Note: Both license check and blanket travel must be updated each year.

Reserving a Vehicle

Vehicles are available on a first come, first served basis and are for College employees only.  To reserve a vehicle, you must submit your request by e-mail to Denise Kinnison.

Vehicle Registration Guidelines
  1. License Check – Contact Legal Services
  2. Approved Blanket Travel Form
  3. Number of passengers including the driver
  4. Destination
  5. Departure Date & Time
  6. Return Date & Time

Requests Requiring Work Orders

– Moving furniture or rearranging offices
– Extra cleaning in an area such as floors mopped, waxed, moving boxes
– Setups for functions held on campus, lights out, special electrical requests.

All Plant Operations Department work order and repair requests should be submitted via WebAdvisor. These requests include grounds, housekeeping, maintenance, moving, event and meeting set ups.

For all life safety issues,  including heating, cooling/comfort levels, electrical malfunctions, spills, and plumbing problems, please contact Plant Operations immediately at Ext. 88228 or 88288.

Submitting Work Orders on WebAdvisor

Would you like a quick easy method to submit work orders?
Here are the steps:

  • Go to the employee tab in your Web Advisor Account.
  • Under the Financial Information Section-click on Request Work Order for Maintenance and repairs.
  • PLEASE DO  NOT CHANGE THE ORDER DATE. As this is the current date of the created work order.
  • Add your contact phone number or office extension.
  • Use the drop down arrows to assist in competing of the listed tasks:
    • Responsible Maintenance Unit-select the most appropriate department that you feel should fulfill your request.
    • Building-select the building the work request is to be performed. Your knowledge of college building abbreviations will be very HELPFUL.
    • Location/Room-Add the Room number that the work is to be accomplished in.
    • Priority- select Routine (4) as completion duration unless you have a specific date/time (3). The Administrative Procedures Manual 1-21.15.1 Physical Plant Maintenance states to allow 5 business days to complete Work Orders.

**Life Safety Emergencies should be reported via phone to Plant Operations at 88228 or 88288
• Enter a description of the work desired. Please be as SPECIFIC as possible, this is where you can put in the date/time of desired work, i.e.; mount picture on wall location marked with a push pin OR set up a table and chair in the ATC lobby on (date) and (time). if you have a set-up, please scan your document and EMAIL it to FACILITIES with the work order number on it.

Please do not contact a Plant Operations staff member directly to request a work order.

When submitting a work request, remember to include all specific details of the request. Keep in mind, work orders are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Allow at least five (5) working days for completion of work orders. Additional time may be needed for special requests, bidding of work, or material procurement.

Once your request is sent to Facility Services via WebAdvisor, a work order is generated for consideration and/or action. A confirmation will be emailed to you with the assigned work order number. Please keep this number for future reference.

While the Fayetteville Rose Garden is provided for the enjoyment of the public, certain rules and requirements are necessary for those desiring to reserve it for special occasions.

Guidelines & Signature Form
– Schedule an Event