Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning (WBL) provides an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in both paid and non-paid work experiences related to your major and career goals.

The Work-Based Learning experience allows students to:

  1. Earn college credit while gaining real world experience
  2. Gain a working knowledge of their field
  3. Relate classroom concepts to job activities
  4. Network with field professionals
  5. Establish solid job references

Program Objectives

  1. Provide students supervised work experience in a curriculum-related field with area businesses, industries, and public agencies.
  2. Support career development for students. Coordinate network with employers and prospective employers about the WBL program and support economic workforce development.
  3. Create and maintain accurate, detailed WBL records in adherence to the North Carolina Community College System Policies and Procedures.

To enroll in Work-Based Learning, a student must:

  1. Meet the following eligibility requirements:
    – You are enrolled in a program that offers the Work-Based Learning option.
    – You have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours in your major curriculum courses.
    – You have at least a 2.0 GPA.
    – You possess the basic skills required by the employer.
  2. Complete a Work-Based Learning Application (Form W-8)

Only the Work-Based Learning Coordinator can approve and register students.

Student Forms

The Work-Based Learning (WBL) program places students in jobs related to their major and career goals in area businesses, industries, and public agencies which provide ascending levels of responsibility and training.

Students are pre-screened by the Work-Based Learning Coordinator and must meet academic requirements. In addition, applicants must have a basic foundation in their field of study (at least 12 credit hours of their major/core courses completed), so that they can meet employer expectations.

To participate in Work-Based Learning as an employer, please fill out an Employer Request for a WBL Student form.

Employer Benefits

– Reduced recruiting/training costs
– Pre-screened applicants
– Skilled interns with a basic foundation
– No contracts or fees
– Potential permanent employees
– Community involvement
– Positive impact on workforce development

Program Structure

Students are placed at the beginning of each 16-week semester:
– Fall (mid-August through mid-December)
– Spring (mid-January through mid-May)
– Summer (end of May through July)

Students work a part-time schedule while attending classes at FTCC.
– 1 Credit Hour = 160 hours/semester (10-19 hours/week)
– 2 Credit Hours = 320 hours/semester (20+ hours/week)
– 3 Credit Hours = 480 hours/semester (30+ hours/week)

Policies & Procedures

View Employer Policies and Procedures

Employers set the standard for the quality of work and determine the rate of pay. Students must meet the employer standards as well as the academic requirements of the College.

Employer Request Form


To access the following documents, please go to Student Fill-In Forms.

– Work-Based Learning Application (Form W-8)
– Placed Student Information Sheet (Form W-10)
– Measurable Learning Objectives (MLOs) Draft Worksheet (W-11)


To participate in Work-Based Learning as an employer, please fill out an Employer Request for a WBL Student form.