The Honors College Portfolio

The Honors Program requires a cumulative portfolio focused on social awareness. This can include identifying, solving, or improving a social problem, or it can include bringing awareness to cultural diversity. The steps to complete this project will exemplify the student’s skills as a researcher, writer, and critical thinker.

Portfolio Guidelines

For each Honors course completed, students will apply the methodology of the course to generate a part of their portfolio. Some classes will support the research stage of the portfolio project; others will present the needed skills for practical application. Portfolios must reflect interdisciplinary research and the listed Student Learning Outcomes.
Portfolios must include the following items:
1. Portfolio proposal, to include topic selection, research methodology, and purpose (note: proposals must be approved by the academic advisors)
2. Annotated bibliography of sources
3. Multimodal presentation
4. Academic research essay
5. Transcripts
6. Resume
7. Cover Letter
8. Self-Assessments (Learning styles, career assessments, leadership assessments, etc.)
9. One page reflection on the assessment results
10. Certificates and/or Honors or recognition (if any)
11. Two page reflection paper, to include gaps of learning and/or skill to be improved about the overall program and goal setting for the future.

Part One: Proposal

The portfolio should begin with a topic proposal, wherein students provide the specific focus, direction, and significance of their topic choice. Proposals should be one-page that details:
• Why this topic was chosen
• Its significance to a larger reading public
• The methods of research, to include resources a student plans to use
• Solutions or suggestions that show careful examination of one’s topic

Part Two: Evaluative Annotated Bibliography

Students will compose an annotated bibliography of sources used to build their portfolios. The annotated bibliography combines bibliographic citation, summary, and critique to help readers determine the source being used and its validity as a research tool. Annotated bibliographies must meet the following guidelines:
• Proper APA style citations and formatting
• Source summary
• Source evaluation
• Relevance to portfolio
• 5 to 7 sources (4 sources must be scholarly peer reviewed)
• Annotated bibliography must be at least 500 words

Part Three: Multimodal Presentation

Students will be asked to present their findings and conclusions with a 10 minutes visual media presentation. Presentations should include:
• Use of current technology
• Use of effective images, videos, and sound
• Selective typography
• Limited text
• Originality

Part Four: Academic Research Essay

The portfolio will culminate with an 8 page academic essay, supported by at least 7 credible sources, 4 of which must be scholarly peer reviewed. The essay must be written in APA format.