Simulation Lab

Health Programs

The Simulation Lab is a dedicated lab area devoted to active learning for students in Health programs through the use of high fidelity human patient simulators.

At clinical sites, faculty must monitor interactions between students and patients very closely. When emergencies occur, students are often required to watch from the sidelines. These situations do not allow students to fully develop the critical thinking skills that will be crucial when they face an emergency in their career.

Simulation Advantages

Simulated clinical experiences allow students to:

– Assess the “patient”
– Determine and administer medications
– Call the doctor and implement new orders
– Practice handling an emergency situation

Control Room

As students assess the simulated medical situation and decide appropriate action, faculty are able to observe from the control room, giving students full authority over treatment. All events of the simulated clinical experience are recorded so that faculty and students have an opportunity to review what went well and areas that may need improvement.