Pre-Health Academy

The Pre-Health Academy offered at the FTCC Spring Lake Campus is designed to prepare students to transition into one of the Health Programs at FTCC. Your trained advisor will provide academic support and coaching in navigating the requirements of your Health program of interest.

Why Join the Pre-Health Academy?

  1. To gain or strengthen your academic focus
  2. To be better prepared to transition into a health program
  3. To learn how to meet the expectations and required skills
  4. To make connections between your academic and career goals
  5. To remove any barriers in achieving your academic, career, and personal goals
  6. To meet the objectives of staying in school and graduating from your desired program


Call 910-678-1000 or contact

Health Programs
  1. Complete the FTCC Admissions Process
  2. Contact the staff at FTCC Spring Lake Campus – (910) 678-1000
  3. Request and complete an interest form

Note:  Students must complete any required pre-curriculum classes (English/Reading/DRE courses & Mathematics/DMA courses) before enrolling in the Pre-Health Academy.

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