Dental Hygiene Clinic

In order to facilitate the educational process of our students, FTCC provides dental hygiene services to the public at the FTCC Dental Hygiene Clinic. Due to the educational setting, our protocols may be unique from a private dental practice.


  • Dental Prophylaxis – $5.00 per each scheduled appointment
  • Dental Sealants – $5.00 per tooth (or $20 maximum fee)
  • Panoramic Radiograph – $10.00
  • Full Mouth Radiograph – $10.00
  • Duplication of Radiograph – $5.00

Patients should call (910) 678-8254 to schedule an appointment. Due to limited availability and scheduling requirements, an appointment may not be available until up to 2-3 weeks from the time of your call.

Note:  Each appointment lasts a full 3 hours. Please schedule your time accordingly and arrive promptly.

  • Photo ID
  • Cash (correct change only) or Check
  • List of Current Medications (prescribed and over the counter)
  • Rescue Medications (asthma inhalers, nitroglycerin, diabetic medicines and testing supplies, etc.)
  • Remove Oral and Facial Piercings Prior to Treatment

A patient requiring wheelchair transfer or walking assistance must have a caregiver present for the duration of the appointment. Patients who do not read, speak, and/or comprehend English must have a translator present for the duration of the appointment to ensure safe provision of dental care. Minors or mentally challenged individuals must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who can sign for treatment.

Patients may be scheduled with different students at each appointment. The educational experience level and clinical requirements of the student will determine patient scheduling. Patients may be scheduled with multiple students during the course of their individual treatment.

Due to our educational responsibilities, please do not anticipate full treatment to be completed in a single visit. The educational experience level of the student and a patient’s dental needs will determine the number of appointments required.

Once treatment is complete, a patient cannot be seen again for a full calendar year (12 months).

Presenting for an appointment implies consent for a comprehensive treatment plan to include:

  • Bitewing X-rays
    Dental standards of care require the availability of recent radiographs as part of a comprehensive dental exam (included in $5.00 cost). If you are pregnant or wearing orthodontic appliances, radiographs will not be taken. Therefore, refusal of necessary radiographs will be grounds for termination of treatment.
  • Medical History Screening
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Head and Neck Cancer Screening
  • Prophylaxis: Scaling and Polishing
  • Fluoride Treatment

Each appointment is assessed a fee of $5.00. The fee remains the same regardless of the number of appointments required to complete your treatment. Additional fees may be assessed for additional treatments that may be offered.

  • Cash or Check Only
  • No Debit or Credit
  • Exact Change for Cash Payments (will be collected at the beginning of each appointment)

Note:  No refunds are rendered due to incomplete treatment or medical dismissal.

If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please give at least 24 hours’ notice. A patient that does not show up for an appointment results in a student not fulfilling a course requirement for that day.

After the second broken appointment, FTCC will no longer reschedule your appointment and you will be referred to your private dental provider.

  1. The FTCC Dental Hygiene Program follows current treatment guidelines outlined by AHA, ADA, and AMA.
    1. A medical clearance from your personal physician may be needed prior to treatment to assure your safety.
    2. Antibiotic coverage may be needed prior to treatment to assure your safety.
  2. The FTCC Dental Hygiene Program follows current regulations and recommendations as outlined by OSHA, CDCP, and ADA.
    1. No patient shall be discriminated against in regards to infectious disease.
    2. Patients presenting with acute infectious diseases may not be treated until the acute stage clears.
    3. Persons with a history of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, AIDS, dialysis, joint replacements, or TB will need a medical clearance from their personal physician giving permission for treatment and/or needed treatment alterations.
  3. The nature of dental work may result in an accidental exposure or exchange of oral secretions or blood between patients and providers. Should this unlikely event take place post exposure blood testing for Hepatitis B/C and HIV are covered by state law and the cost of this testing is covered by FTCC. Please initial the following line as your consent should the need for testing arise due to an exposure incident.
  4. The FTCC Dental Hygiene Program follows all guidelines in compliance with HIPAA regulations related to confidentiality.
  5. Only patients scheduled for treatment are allowed in treatment areas.
  6. State regulations do not allow unsupervised children to be left in the dental reception area.
  7. FTCC faculty or students will not be held responsible for any damages or losses that may occur as a result of treatment.
  8. Examinations rendered at FTCC are considered precursory and all patients are required to see their personal dentist for follow up examinations. When the clinical dentist reads and interprets a patient’s X-rays and diagnosis the treatment needed, the patient must seek and complete all necessary dental treatment at their private dental provider prior to returning to the FTCC Dental Clinic.
  9. FTCC students are obligated to provide treatment for patients that are within the dental hygiene scope of practice. Patients will be referred to their dentist or a specialist by the dental clinic faculty for any work that cannot be provided by the students.

As a patient, you are expected to be considerate and respectful of other patients, students, faculty, and staff of the clinic. Any behaviors identified by faculty or staff as inappropriate or uncooperative that interfere with the educational process will be just cause to terminate treatment and patient status at FTCC. You will be referred to your private dental provider.

Medical History Form

This form is for a first time appointment at FTCC’s Dental Clinic.

  • Print the form
  • Fill the form out
  • Bring with you to your appointment