Competitive Admissions Process

Health Programs

With the exception of the Mammography and Nurse Aide programs, all health programs require a competitive admissions process. A student must complete all pre-requisites and gain competitive points in order to apply for program approval. Students may take the designated program-related courses at FTCC in the Associate in General Education-Health program as they prepare to compete.

Applications Accepted

For all Competitive Health Programs: November 1st through January 30th
For Associate Degree Nursing Only: June 1st through July 31st (2nd Entry Point)

Related Science courses must have been satisfactorily completed with a grade of “B” or better within five years of entry into a health program. These courses may be attempted only twice.

  1. Complete the FTCC Application Process
  2. Attend a Health Applicant Counseling Session (this is not a mandatory Information Session)
    • Sessions are available online or in person in the Health Technologies Center
    • Bring your Student Education Plan (if you don’t have one, please stop by HTC 202 during regular business hours to attain your SEP), paper and a pen
    • Do not bring children due to space limitations

For online access to the Health Applicant Counseling Session, please click below.
Directional sign asking Who, What, etc
See schedule below for dates and room locations of in-person sessions.

Health Application Counseling Sessions
2017 HACS Dates Time Location
September 16, 2017 (Saturday) 9am – 10am HTC 231
October 12, 2017 (Thursday) 6pm – 7pm HTC 231
October 30, 2017 (Monday) 6pm – 7pm HTC 231
November 6, 2017 (Monday) 6pm – 7pm HTC 231
November 16, 2017 (Thursday) 6pm – 7pm HTC 231
December 5, 2017 (Tuesday) 6pm – 7pm HTC 231
December 9, 2017 (Saturday) 9am – 10am HTC 231

NOTE: All sessions begin promptly at designated time and late admittance is not allowed.

  1. Apply to your health program of choice in WebAdvisor.
    • Under the Registration Section
    • Select “Student Health Program Application” *If you encounter any error messages please contact Health Programs Admissions at 910-678-8457 or 910-678-8252.
    • Ensure all personal information is correct
    • Choose your desired health program from the drop-down menu
    • Submit the application
      Note: You can only apply for one health program.
  2. Ensure that an “official” copy of your High School transcript, and any College transcripts that you wish to be considered are turned in to the FTCC Admissions office before the application window closes.
  3. Monitor your student email for further communications starting approximately 4-6 weeks after the application window closes.
  4. Attend a mandatory health Program Information Session after you apply and receive your Health Applicant Rating Form. Failure to attend this Information Session will result in removal from the competitive process.


Initial competitive points are based on “earned” grades in the designated course by program and each program has a competitive points worksheet that outlines the potential “extra” points a candidate can achieve. During the selection process, Category I applicants will be placed in order of most points followed by Category II applicants. A program will accept the top students based on the number of available seats.


Approximately 6-8 weeks after the Health Applicant Rating Forms are sent via student email with initial eligibility status and points, applicants will receive the selection status emails of: Conditionally Accepted, Alternate, or Not Accepted.

If a program does not fill to capacity, the admission process for that program may be re-opened.

Student Advising

If you have any questions about the admissions process or need assistance, a health counselor is available in the Health Technologies Center (HTC) in room 202. You may also contact