CISCO Networking Academy®

Cisco Networking Academy® is a global education program that teaches students how to design, build, troubleshoot, and secure computer networks for increased access to career and economic opportunities in communities around the world. The academy provides online courses, interactive tools, and hands-on learning activities to help individuals prepare for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and networking careers in virtually every type of industry.

21st Century Career Skills

Students complete hands-on learning activities and network simulations to develop practical skills that will help them fill a growing need for networking professionals around the world.

Military & Veterans

The Cisco Networking Academy® can be an opportunity for military service members to gain valuable skills as they transition to the civilian workforce.

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– NET 125
– NET 126
– NET 225
– NET 226
– SEC 210

FTCC Networking Academy (C25340C3)

The Cisco Networking Academy® at FTCC has served the needs of over 800 students since establishment in January 2000. FTCC Academy teaches the CCNA Routing and Switching curriculum and CCNA Security. The CCNA courses are required courses in the Networking Technology and Information Systems Security programs of study and the Cisco Networking Certificate.